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Full Super Moon & Lunar Eclipse 26th May Empty Full Super Moon & Lunar Eclipse 26th May

Fri May 21, 2021 4:06 pm
On the 26th we have a full super moon AND a full lunar eclipse.
The moon is in Sagittarius

CET 13:14
UK: 12:14am
US: I'm guestimating EDT 7:14am. Possibly a few minutes earlier.

In nature everything is growing fast, in spite of changeable weather. When everything grows fast it is important to maintain order to prevent things going out of control.
This phenomenon also goes for ourselves, and it means it’s best to have clear what your priorities are. What do you wish to expand on or start? When you do or begin too many things you may end up with too much to carry or a lot of small successes instead of 1 or 2 large ones.
The theme of the Flower moon is “growth & connection”. By staying connected to yourself, your main goal or your biggest wish and taking steps towards that, you guide the energy efficiently.
Where did you already get results and how do you want this to continue to grow? What do you need for that?
Everything is possible so where do you send your energy?

This full moon in Sagittarius makes enthusiastic, optimistic, and stirs new desires. This fire moon can also make restless: one thing isn’t finished yet and the next thing is already in view.
Good to occasionally step back to separate main and the side-issues.
Look honestly at yourself: what or who do –or don’t you- need any longer to continue growing and developing? Which steps are you going to take?
Since we’re dealing with a supermoon -enhancing all the energies of this moon- we can be (even) more sensitive or experience a fiery restlessness.

We also have a total lunar eclipse. This can mean it is temporarily difficult to connect to your feelings. What do you really want, what exactly are you feeling and which desire suddenly comes up?

During the Lunar eclipse it can be helpful to turn inward and to see what’s going on within, what comes up or what makes you restless.
The eclipse challenges you (opportunity!) to receive the messages from your subconscious as these themes will be important the coming months and will take a new form.
Even if you cannot see the lunar eclipse, these energies  are still at play and just as strong.

Full Super Moon & Lunar Eclipse 26th May Image

Translated by yours truly :smile2:
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