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Full Moon Taurus & Full Lunar Eclipse Nov 8 Empty Full Moon Taurus & Full Lunar Eclipse Nov 8

Fri Nov 04, 2022 7:22 pm
CET 12:02
EST approx 6:00

It's a bit longer this time as there are 2 events, so there's more going on.

For a while autumn was held back, but now it’s pushing through.
The autumn colours show that each form and shape changes, that you also change with each process, and that you sometimes can let go so new energy gets more space.
The full Hunter’s moon lets you experience what you want to chase away and what you want to chase after. What can or will you let go of because you don’t need it anymore in the coming period? (Think of a habit, behaviour, assumption etc.) And what do you want to give more space or time the coming period?
Light outside of us is diminishing but inside it is present in all your cells.
There is is a total Lunar eclipse on November 8 which means the moon will slowly become dark and then lighter again.
Symbolically this happens to us as well: emotions and feelings can get a reset the coming period to then slowly but clearly find a new (healthy) way of feeling/experiencing.
Is there a feeling that you have neglected? What acknowledgement does that hidden feeling want? Which way does it deserve right of existence so you will heal?
The theme of the Hunter’s moon “survival and transformation” can be applied here.

The moon in Taurus emphasizes all that is of value to you. It is possible that material or property are important or that self-worth is an important theme. Think and feel what makes you feel safer and what you look for as support so you feel more stable in the world.
Make time to strengthen your foundation, build a warm autumn/winter nest. Stability, rest, and safety will be a theme the coming months.

Uranus is at the same degree as the moon. Because this coincides with the lunar eclipse this predicts an unpredictable, changing and innovative time, especially concerning material bases and values.
The influence of the eclipse (especially with a total one) will play a role for months. The uranian influence on the moon indicates there will be (sudden) changes and these can take place a few days before the eclipse.
This can be about your feelings, or laws concerning earthy possessions, news that will stir up things or beginning to see a new lifepath.
In other words, it can be quite turbulent.

The North Node is close to the moon and Uranus. This makes it a karmic full moon and solar eclipse: you can suddenly become aware (Uranus) of a new life mission (North Node) that feels so strong (Moon) that you cannot ignore it.
Detach yourself from a limiting self-image, connect yourself with your full potential and feel which passion want to be lived and experienced!
With a Taurus moon you want to latch on to security & safety, but Uranus helps you look further, to peek around the corner and to see a new path, a beautiful future or option that will liberate you from a limiting life. As if you get out of a coat that’s too small for you.
Which new direction do you discover?

Waxing Taurus moon Nov 4 & Jupiter in top left corner
Full Moon Taurus & Full Lunar Eclipse Nov 8 QMZrNHv

Source: Petra Stam -
Translation: Crystal (me)
Photo: me
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