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Full Moon May 16th & Full Lunar Eclipse Empty Full Moon May 16th & Full Lunar Eclipse

Sat May 14, 2022 12:11 pm
Full moon of May 16th is in Scorpio. On that day we'll also have a full lunar eclipse.
Full moon at 6:15 CET, 5:15 UK time. So early morning. Meaning EDT will be 6 hours earlier, likely just past midnight.

Scorpio energy makes it possible to go down your own mysterious depth to see what's hidden there, face it, transform or heal it.
Scorpio teaches you to let go and to see that 'death' is followed by rebirth.
Feel which blockage, deep emotion, or destructive belief may be revised and changed. Healing  yourself means feeling more whole.
Because there's also a full lunar eclipse this day it is possible that at first the emotions aren't clear and go all over the place. This will become clearer (the darkness clears) and you have months to spend on whatever needs healing or changing or letting go.
An eclipse stimulates to continue with a clean slate. In nature you see that blossoms drop their coloured petals so the fruit can get all the available energy to grow. It is much the same for you: which learnt truths or habits or 'colours' don't suit you any longer? What do you wish to give less energy so your desired fruits of life can grow? Focus on that for now.

There are more influences, but this is the info and energies of this full moon Happy
So far I'm doing great. Scorpio full moons always resonate with me and as for the eclipse, not noticing much of it (yet).

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