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Full Super Moon in Aquarius on August 11-12  Empty Full Super Moon in Aquarius on August 11-12

Tue Aug 09, 2022 10:17 pm
Hot on the heels of the Lions Gate -which hasn't even closed yet- we're headed for a full supermoon in Aquarius.

Early morning here, around 3, so 6 hrs earlier in US EDT, and with that 11/12 August, depending on where you live.

I saw it tonight and it was gorgeous! I took a few photos right from where I was sat behind my PC, and Lo' and behold, it worked great!
The thingies at the bottom are the tips of my paint brushes that are in a pot on the dining table.

This moon can give flashes of insight and clarity and make you feel very freedom-loving.
It would be best to write ideas down that come up and not act right away though.
Because Moon is square with Uranus you can also have old things and memories well up (which is why you shouldn't act right away) and with that feelings of "I'm done with this!!"
But these are just memories, you do not have to get into it, not do anything with it really. Just recognise and acknowledge and let go.
Let Light and and lightness be your guide, not pain and negativity. You define what you give attention to (and with that make bigger).

The Moon and Saturn are almost together which makes realistic and responsible, gives courage and perseverance.

Other influences can make you allergic for authority, everyone that wants to hold you back and exert power over you. This is from 12-15 August.
If you feel that happening, take a bird's eye view of your true self and your possibilities and don't get distracted by -nor lost in- statements of the external.
So try to remember that when you feel triggered or challenged.

Happy full super moon!!

Full Super Moon in Aquarius on August 11-12  IBfIEO9

Source: Petra Stam
Translation: yours truly
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