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Full Solar Eclipse Dec 4th & its energies Empty Full Solar Eclipse Dec 4th & its energies

Sat Dec 04, 2021 3:04 pm
Energetically December is a busy month! We had the total solar eclipse early this morning (CET) and the Winter Solstice is getting closer and is said to be especially powerful this year!
A bit more info than I usually translate but somehow I feel this is important info Happy

The Solar Eclipse’s energies will remain active for a year, so even though we couldn’t see it and even though it has happened already this morning, that doesn’t change the impact.
Solar eclipses always come with new moons and the new moon is about going inward –just as nature is turning inward-, evaluation, and determining what you will give attention later on.
It’s a good time to spend time on ourselves. What challenges and dreams do you want to pursue? What spiritual grow would you like to experience? Do you have to let go of something / someone in order to achieve that? (could be an idea or habit, ways of thinking) Which changes and dreams would you like to have come true?
The Black Moon (= your Soul knowing) is in Gemini which makes it possible to be clairaudient: listening to your soul or listening on soul level what’s being said around you. Pay extra attention to your thoughts, assumptions and conclusions. Which “box of thoughts” do you want to break out off?
Because of other influences (Mercury) it is important to listen to your intuition and trust it. Feel what resonates and what doesn’t.

The Solar Eclipse itself... the sun makes you aware/conscious of who you are in this earthy life. An eclipse can make you a bit insecure. Who am I and do I want to be that? What am I doing here and do I want to fine-tune it?
You can only influence consequences and outcomes of things in your own life. Which themes are at play in your life or ask your attention of late?
If you’re not happy about something what are you going to do different so the outcome will be different?
You are a player in this big ‘play’ so pause and look/observe. Then send out in the world what you wish. Thoughts have power and actions give reactions.


Translated by yours truly
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