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Seeing your crystal's energetic connections.  Empty Seeing your crystal's energetic connections.

Tue May 18, 2021 11:59 am
When tuning in to crystals -or a crystal- and see where it connects (other crystals) or ask it to connect with other crystals, it/they energetically do this in Sacred Geometric shapes. Pretty awesome to see!
You can ask your crystal to connect to all other crystals in the area or country, crystals that are still in the earth, the matrix is came from, etc. etc.

I've connected crystals before to certain energies and places and crystals to activate and open them, but never thought of 'seeing' what that looks like.
Tim Whild has 2 visualisations on his YouTube channel in which you do that.

One crystal -the one I was holding- formed a multi-pointed star, almost like an ice crystal on microscopic level. It looked gorgeous!
Then I tuned into the network all my crystals form. It looked like the Flower of Life!! My crystals are all over my house, not in any Sacred Geometric shape, yet they still form that.
Another crystal I used yesterday during the visualisation (the last one on his channel from May 17) and this crystal was less outreaching all over the place. It didn't really seem to want to connect to crystals in the earth, in the vicinity etc. One line went straight up into the Cosmos. That's what it wanted for the most part! And another line direction Nepal/Tibet. Not sure where exactly it ended.

Later on I searched for its description and stellar connection was mentioned in there. It sure as heck has that!
Quite amazing to see Happy

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