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High Vibrational Crystals Empty High Vibrational Crystals

Sat Nov 07, 2020 10:51 pm
Have you noticed that the last few years many more high vibrational crystals are being found? So I mean new crystals that have never been found before.
This can sometimes lead to confusing things when you read what a crystal does. For some crystals that used to be high vibrational they still say stuff like 'the most powerful concerning XYZ" while in the meantime many far more powerful crystal have been found.
I love high vibrational crystals! And I guess that 5, 10 years from now they won't be all that exceptionally high vibrational anymore either, hihi.
I myself have never resonated so much with the familiar crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, clear crystal, Brandenberg, Arkansas crystals etc.
I still don't but these days there are exceptions, again because these crystals are also found in different locations or different veins that then also have a higher vibration.
That's how I ended up with a beautiful rose quartz piece from Madagascar, while I never liked rose quartz that much. (I preferred morganite).
Another example where the Colier Creek Arkansas clear crystals. These have a different energy from the other Arkansas crystals, and were also a later find. They have a Lemurian energy, the other Arkansas crystals that already were there and from other mines, did not.

I don't mean newer ones are better btw. It doesn't matter, if you vibe with a crystal, you vibe with it. That's what matters!
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High Vibrational Crystals Empty Re: High Vibrational Crystals

Mon Feb 21, 2022 3:50 pm
Of late I've bought quite a lot of new, high vibrational crystals, some of them new finds.
Currently there are more crystals coming from Pakistan and these have an entirely different energy from for instance Brazilian or Madagascar crystals. Logical as the energy of crystals is also influenced by the energies of the ground they grow and develop in! And Pakistan & India hold an incredible amount of ancient wisdom!

In any case... I'm going through an enormous transformation that started around September 2021 and is still going on.
So it makes perfect sense that I need(ed) a lot of new crystals too!
Looking back it makes perfect sense that 4 Phoenix crystal skulls came to me in a relatively short time as Phoenix is of course all about tremendous change, rising from your own ashes!
My rainbow calcite, not with mostly red but mostly yellow!!, was and is very needed, then there was white amethyst which I still hold very often. I had not expected to need that so much, haha. Mostly because I was in two minds about buying it. But damn, am I happy I did!
Then cam pink Andes opal, finally. I'd been drooling over these for years, yet never bought a piece. They were back in stock now and I felt I needed it! Larger tumbled pieces that have holes in them. I've never seen these for sale in another shop to be honest.
Shortly after that came chocolate calcite, a sphere, from... Pakistan! What that made me feel, amazing! I really had to have it, which is barely a week ago.
Then a few days ago they had green nephrite jade from... Pakistan. And yep, I need that too. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I cannot wait! I already posted about the incredibly powerful meditation / journey to Metatron's Temple I had with that, and it isn't even here.

These are just a few crystals that came to live with me since last year. A number of times I've said, "It's enough for now", mostly because of finances, but what can one do if there is yet another that you truly need?! And funny enough the Cosmos always makes it possible when you indeed truly need it for your growth.

I consider myself very lucky to have these crystals with me. Some that I'd never even heard of, new finds, that go so well with my growth.
In that sense it is correct what they say; these new crystal want to be found now because we are ready for them!

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