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Feeling Called to your "old" crystals again Empty Feeling Called to your "old" crystals again

Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:27 pm
A few days ago I suddenly felt drawn to get my Mary Magdalene opal quartz point. So I got it downstairs and now I sit with it, hold it, regularly.
Just now I had it in my hand and I could almost feel it vibrate! Really connected with it, for the first time to be honest.

MM opal quartz is a very pale pink. Mine is like the left one in the photo.
It is connected with the angelic realms and the Pink Ray. This is connected to Mary Magdalene, Isis, Quan Yin, and also Mary.
These Lightmasters work through the MM opal quartz and help you reconnect with your Divine Feminine energy.
It also cleanses and stimulates inner healing and self-love. It has a very high loving vibration en is a good healer of emotions. It releases suppressed emotions and softens them when you're in pain or suffered loss.

I'm currently going through a bit of releasing, cleansing, and it has quite the impact on my energy system. Maybe that's why I felt drawn to the crystal again now.

Feeling Called to your "old" crystals again Maria-magdalena-opaalkwarts-30-10-3
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