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Meeting an Energetic Crystal Skull Empty Meeting an Energetic Crystal Skull

Tue Aug 10, 2021 2:36 pm
A gorgeous transparent A+ quality citrine crystal skull.
I haven't got it, but I've seen it a few times now in meditations & visualisations. And I wonder if anyone else has experiences with ethereal / energetic skulls? There are many, also pyramids that kind of hover above Earth at certain places.

In any case, around 2009 - 2010 I awakened to crystal skull energies. I'd had an interest for some times, curious more than feeling called to a particular skull. I first came across the phenomenon of crystal skulls at place where I did workshops. Other people bringing their skulls with them and putting them under their chair.
But no matter my curiosity, I didn't feel a thing when looking at one or holding one.
Until I had a dream in which a large clear citrine skull came to me. A feminine energy. She woke me up and shortly thereafter I bought my first crystal skull!
In the meantime I searched for this particular citrine skull, thinking & hoping she did exist. But I never found her.
More crystal skulls came over the year but at some point I switched to high vibrational crystals. Now I occasionally buy a skull but not very often.

Fast forward to last week. I did a Zoom by Tim Whild on Anubis and his legions.
We visited the Halls of Amenti, and there entered a room. Right away I saw a crystal skull on a shelve, the same large citrine crystal skull! I grabbed her and held her. Automatically holding her forehead against mine.
After that -a matter of seconds really- Tim said there was an object in the room, to look for it as it was meaningful to you.
I smiled. I already had my object, my citrine skull!
She was working on my brain, I could feel it, I'm almost certain my pituitary gland as that's connected to the 3rd eye and also upset in my case due to accidents I've had.
It felt a bit odd, not bad though, but it really did something. I felt my vertigo come up a bit, again not in a really bad way, but something was happening for sure!
Then we could put our object back.
Me thinking, "NO WAY! I'm taking my citrine skull with me!"
Then he continued, "... or you can take it with your. It's your choice."
Big smile again, I was ahead of the whole happening, hihi.

Yesterday I did the Monday Meditation by Tim Whild on clearing the timelines, very helpful after the Lion's Gate.
It was good but intense, and at some point my citrine skull turned up for support with the process. I kind of called on her yet I didn't consciously do that.

So it seems that the citrine crystal skull that woke me up to skulls turned up again after 10-11 yrs!
Quite amazing! And during the Anubis workshop I saw her from all sides. 10 years ago I only saw her face. Now I've seen that she has an elongated skull. Not a traveller, not an alien skull either. A regular one but with a longer head.

Even though she's not physically with me, she IS with me! And I feel blessed for that.

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