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Love Child Crystals - Corinto Brazil Empty Love Child Crystals - Corinto Brazil

Fri Jul 15, 2022 8:56 pm
Love Child crystals from Corinto, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Water clear crystals but the bottom section is white kaolinite with yellow/peach limonite. An angel phantom crystal, also called amphibole. Very high vibrational.

Last week the Love Child crystals came on the online webshop of my fave crystal shop. I was in two minds. I wanted one but the truly beautiful ones had already gone and only 2 left that I sort of liked. I'd just decided which one I wanted to buy when someone else had done that right before me.
I was devastated! I went from feeling hurt & sad to angry and back to hurt & sad, angry etc.
I couldn't shake the feeling.
Eventually, after hours, I found some comfort in the thought that that one likely wasn't meant for me and that I'd find the right one for me in the physical shop. Yes, I'd decided to go over there. That had been a while as with the current petrol prices I don't go over there very often anymore.

I remembered one of the owners telling me it is quieter in the mornings, afternoons are always busiest. That meant having to go to bed an hour earlier so I could manage getting up an hour sooner and leave so I'd get there about 2 hours earlier than I normally do (I'm not an early riser).
It turned out to be correct, not too many people there Happy
I immediately went to the display with the Love Child crystals. Not a whole lot but enough to have a choice. They were smaller than I had expected, and some of the smaller ones were under E10.

I immediately felt drawn to 5 different ones and I put them all in my basket. Then I went to find sugilite as I've recently felt I needed that too. Turned over the whole lot in an empty basket so I could find a number I liked, put those in my basket too.
Then outdoors I went with my basket and cappuccino to go over it all. I always like to do that outdoors in daylight whilst sitting down at the picnic table with a smoke.
Pretty fast decision making on the Love Child: 2 I put aside, 3 to the right meaning green light to buying all 3. Since these weren't like E20-30+ Euros it was doable and it felt I needed 3, and also that these 3 wanted to be together.
Sorting through the 4-5 sugilites was more difficult but in the end I decided on a darker one. When turning it in the light I could see those yummie sugilite colours: ruby and purple.
Funny as I'd first picked up a medium purple, more deep lavender coloured one. Yet the dark one was gorgeous, mysterious, has far more in it for some reason.

In any case, I'm SO happy to have these Love Child crystals as they don't have a whole lot of them.

Whilst driving home I got the energies of them channelled through me. Not nearly the same as that from the shop, but those don't resonate with me anymore since a new employee does those channellings for them. They're always about negativity, conflict, war, and problems etc. Very low vibrational stuff. I don't resonate with that at all.
So of late I allow my own guidance / Higher Self or Spirit to give me the information, then I write it down and save it to my HD for reference.
It annoyed me at first, now I see it as good practice for myself Happy

Example photo:
Love Child Crystals - Corinto Brazil Love-child-10-7..-350x233

As you can see the phantom basically stops and then the crystal is water clear above that. In some of them there's a little upward swirling but the tips are mostly crystal clear. Some have rainbows. But the fact that the white kaolinite just stops so abruptly is what appealed to me.
I got one that has that too Happy
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