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Changing Dating & Love Dynamics - Why FWB is NOT good for women Empty Changing Dating & Love Dynamics - Why FWB is NOT good for women

Tue Aug 16, 2022 3:48 pm
The reason I post this is because it is a result of the changing times, the evolution & ascension process in which we let go of the old ways of doing things. So with that it becomes fitting on a Lightworker forum.

Some more on what is part of the changing dynamic in dating and finding love: the contemporary idea of FWB being normal.
But it comes with big risk to women, and only win-win for men.

Came across a very interesting article that tells why FWB is a serious emotional risk for women.
I've told the same story in shorter versions many times and wasn't believed, except by my coaching clients.
This is coming from a male dating & relationship coach and he explains how FWB and sex works for a man and then why this makes it so risky for a woman.

Most interesting part to me is what he also says: men will deny being like this, they are the exception to the rule, blabla.
And what I've experienced myself when telling the same story -which is factual- is that I not only get judgement and denial from men but... also from some women!!

In any case, read for yourself.
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