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Money is Love - changing its vibration! Empty Money is Love - changing its vibration!

Mon May 02, 2022 2:27 pm
Some people think that to change the vibe of money from negative to positive you have to give to charities, homeless, and so on.
Now that is a noble thing to do, but that doesn't necessarily change the vibration of money to love at all.
Think about the collector for an organisation or charity coming at your door. Many people give nothing, others give as they feel awkward about saying 'no', some give with a 'whatever' thought, wanting the collector gone asap so they themselves can go back to their business indoors.
No loving thought involved, nor any change around money.

You don't have to give your money to charity or anything to change the vibe of money.
That line of thinking would exclude the ones who don't have much which is nonsense.
Changing the vibe around money is something that should start within, not without.
Many have grown up with limiting beliefs concerning money. That if you're born poor you can never make it and get wealthy/rich. Or that money stinks. Money is for the mere few. Money is dirty. Money is for the criminals. And so on and so forth.
And in spiritual circles you see this one a lot: it's bad to want material things and bad to want money and riches.
Which is one of the biggest crocks of chizzel in the spiritual world.
That belief also stems from thinking that money is bad and at the root of all bad things. But it isn't! Money is love.
You receiving money is love, IF you can actually receive it as such, in your heart.
You buying things with money is love, if you can pay whilst feeling that way.

Money brings freedom. Then people may say, "But you should have & find that inside." True. But try finding that when you can barely put food on the table! We have to remember that we live on a physical planet in a physical world and that on Earth money is the means to obtain things. We could go back to chickens and cheese, but that's a lot more difficult to carry round! And think about this: if we would go back to using chickens & cheese & eggs you would LOVE those! Because you have taken care of those and/or made it yourself, putting your energy and love in it. Why shouldn't we feel this way about money? It may not be alive, but we did do something to earn it. One way or another you were deserving to get that money. So you can appreciate & love it just the same as you'd love a chicken or cheese.
And since we live on a physical planet, you cannot do a thing without money, whether you have obtained a sense of inner freedom or not.
The joy and happiness you feel when you have both the inner freedom AND the financial freedom to enjoy it is unbelievable! And the beauty of that is that you then also spread that happiness around and touch other people with it. Your money will then also get infused with love and happiness which will have a ripple effect.
It is perfectly okay to want to have (more) money. Doesn't mean you are greedy at all! It is actually love, feeling deserving, and when you got it you will spread love & joy. What's more beautiful than that?

Money, all money including that which you use in the supermarket, is love as it gives companies the means to exist and to pay other people so they can make a living.
That's how money can be love.
Pay your rent with love.
Pay your shopping with love
Receive your money with love
Feel gratitude that you have the money to pay the rent, buy milk and bread and so on.

But all that starts within, with looking at limiting beliefs you have around money, and the stories that potentially are told in your family concerning money.
And bear in mind, if you have self-esteem issues, you very likely also have a problem with money as you then may feel you don't deserve it. And with that vibration it won't and cannot come!

There are so many things -exercises- to do to attract money and help change your feelings around money.
Too much to share here. Maybe I'll do a course on it some day Happy

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