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Current Energies & Dynamics - many being irritable Empty Current Energies & Dynamics - many being irritable

Tue May 24, 2022 2:07 pm
I'm not entirely sure what's going on with people but it seems many are highly irritable, irate, taking things out on others, minding other people's business etc. etc.
Maybe it has to do with Mercury Rx and people reacting strongly to that? Maybe something else, I don't know.

To me it's odd as I'm doing great at the moment, I feel very inspired and am enthusiastically working on finishing things that have been waiting for that for years. Like 2 paintings, my 3rd novel etc.
So while I am clearly on a high note, others seem to be on a low reactive one.

From what I've noticed here and elsewhere it's mostly miscommunication -which would indicate Merc Rx- and if people had been clear there'd be no problem whatsoever.

I'm thinking it's a good time to count to 10 before reacting, and for the ones that don't feel irritable a good time to spread some positive vibes!
And bear in mind if it is indeed Merc Rx, or the solar flares that Celia Fenn spoke of, it'll pass.

Just now someone said that this Merc Rx seems to come with a collective vibe of "I have to stand my ground!", likely related to purging.
Not unthinkable.
I bumped into some incredibly rude & crude people on YouTube as well. It's quite unbelievable how reactive some seem to be?

And what a coincidence to see a vid by Paige Apgar, great woman!, on "eclipsed emotions" and how to deal with them.
Apparently some are struggling because of the Lunar Eclipse we had.
In case anyone is interested... Paige is always so great!


But I hadn't though of the Lunar Eclipse. I know the influence of an eclipse lasts for months but still.

And by the way, I do not mean this as a rant but more to inform so if you've noticed this too, or maybe feel irritable at times yourself, it's not you. Just something that's whizzing around at the moment.
I'm going to try and steer clear from it all and focus on my increased inspiration instead.

Heart Heart Heart

Posts : 317
Join date : 2020-11-05
Age : 58

Current Energies & Dynamics - many being irritable Empty Re: Current Energies & Dynamics - many being irritable

Tue May 24, 2022 5:40 pm
Wow, now reading this from Celia Fenn, her energy report, and she mentions this tendency to lash out too!!
And also that the ones of us that don't feel that way should hold the light for the rest, again just as I said. I love some good confirmation, hihi.

24th May 2022

With the Sun into Gemini and the Sun crackling with Sunspots and Solar Flares, the energy is very intense and a little strange.
Right now the Sun is offering the biggest Sunspot of the current cycle!
Archangel Michael says that, like most of our Galaxy, the Sun is the process of rebirthing and changing its Solar Geometries into a more "octahedron" frequency.
This means that our "Solar Temple" is realigning and restructuring as it enters into Gemini, which is directly opposite to Sagittarius and the Galactic Center. This is producing what I call "waves of weird" as Light Codes from the Sun also accelerate the crystalline restructuring on the Earth.
Last night, while not even directly opposite the Sun, I felt a wave of potent energy wash over the Planet, creating a humming sound and everything seemed to shimmer for a moment!
Waves of weird indeed!
I find it translates into physical symptoms that affect the lower chakras, especially the base and sacral! Wobbly leg syndrome and pain in the hip joints. Also dizziness and a feeling of being disoriented as we find our way in this new reality.
Timelines have shifted...and we are truly finding our way in a Reality that has quantum shifted.
Don't panic, stay calm and focus on staying grounded and focussed on your immediate environment and your soul mission.
Be kind and loving. People are scared and confused at the apparent lack and difficulty, as life becomes more confusing. They are stressed and lashing out sometimes.
It is our work to be the Light Beacons that guide them home.
Remain at Peace and in Harmony

Your Inner Coherence will create a field of Coherence or an Energy Signature that will balance the Harmonic Field around You.
You are loved.
You are supported.
You are the Change that you came to see!

Source: Celia Fenn
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