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Shift Crystal Empty Shift Crystal

Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:26 pm
The crystal shop I always go to posts news and new things on social media. And they posted about shift crystals from Brazil. They'd had them before but then they didn't pique my interest.
But now... one of the crystals on the photos drew my attention right away and I checked it out, read the info on these crystals on their website.
What they do is unbelievable, and exactly what I need at the moment! No wonder they now resonate with me and didn't before.
They're incredibly high vibrational, very powerful, and will stir up everything that needs to go from your system, among other things.

As I was looking at the different ones in the shop I felt my entire energy system shift. Like the crystal's name, shift crystal, haha. Not thought of that as in Dutch you wouldn't say that.
Anywho, my Solar Plexus... my poor Solar Plexus... Not sure what happened in it but it was serious chit!
I was close to tears. Clearly something needed to come out.
After that I got cold and incredibly tired. I felt knackered. Beginning to recover as I type this, which is about 30-45 mins later.

I don't think I've ever had a crystal impact me this much when only seeing it online. In the shop, when physically seeing and/or holding a crystal, yes, but even then it's rare to have this impact.

Long story short, I had to get that one specimen that had drawn my attention. And I bought it.
Not sure when it'll arrive. I've never bought from their webshop as I always go to them.

Someone I know has one and said they do stir things up and do that in a powerful and no-nonsense way.
I suppose that's why they say you really have to be ready for these crystals, willing to let them in and to accept that process.

And you know, it's also the first time that I feel a wee bit afraid, hihi. I've never been afraid of any crystal. Then again, I'm not afraid of the crystal, but more a bit awkward about that process it can start.
Posts : 317
Join date : 2020-11-05
Age : 58

Shift Crystal Empty Re: Shift Crystal

Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:58 pm
My shift crystal arrived! It is gorgeous, really very unusual. It's not regular, got horizontal layers and then small upright crystals on the end.
In that sense it reminds me of a crystal cairn, you know these carefully stacked stoned.

And I got a small Tsesis stone from Namibia for a gift. The description of what it does and its history is very interesting.
Tsesis can be used for healing, among other amazing things it does.
It's black, apparently the inside is a softer material than the outside, and it gives off scalar waves rather than pulses.
It works on cellular level.

I'm happy with both my new crystals and exploring them!
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