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Creating a Pillar of Light, Anchored in a Crystal Empty Creating a Pillar of Light, Anchored in a Crystal

Thu Mar 18, 2021 3:48 pm
A few days ago I made a pillar of light, a beacon point, with a crystal.
I hadn't planned for this but it came up in one of Tim Whild's videos on YouTube. At the moment I love to start my day with 1 or more meditations by him, which makes for a much better start than scrolling over FB with its negativity.
So during this one meditation clip I had to get a crystal to anchor the light of the 7 Sacred Suns in. Immediately one of my citrine points stood out, very eager to do this.

It is really beautiful to do. First you call on AA Metatron to bring in that light of the 7 suns, you anchor it in the crystal, and also let it come down through your 12 chakras.
Then you expand the pillar of light to as far as you wish. After that you anchor the pillar with Unicorns, then dragons who anchor it into the Earth and let the light & energy flow into the leylines.
You can also call in Archangels and Ascended Masters to come in through the pillar which will further enhance the strength of the light and the pillar. Plus, the pillar makes it easier for them to come through to us.

Since I did that, my citrine seemed to shine! It had already activated and opened up to a higher level a few months ago,  it feels like now she opened up even further!
Just now I did the same meditation again, just to boost the pillar.

If you too wish to do this, here's the video. It's rather short, so not like half an hour to an hour meditation. More like 7-10 minutes. Another thing I love about the meditations Tim offers on YouTube. I don't always feel like long meditations/visualisations.

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