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Light Child or Christ Light Child crystal Empty Light Child or Christ Light Child crystal

Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:22 pm
I keep going back to these crystals that are sold at the shop I usually go to. They're Light Child or Christ child crystal (5th Dimension crystal).
They don't sell them online, only in the shop and with the lockdown rules I find it too much hassle to go. I'll wait.

This is part of what it does:
It's a crystal with a very high loving vibration that is connected to the highest being you are. The energy enters the body both through the lower and top chakra. It opens and grounds at the same time. This beautiful crystal grounds the Divine White Light. It comes in at the speed of light and pulls you out of your comfort-zone. It stirs things up, lifts you up and puts you down somewhere else. It gets you out of patterns, gives you a leap in consciousness, a Quantum leap, while keeping you connected to earth.
It truly is an ascension crystal.

Light Child or Christ Light Child crystal 5-dimensie-kristal-11-9..-1
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