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The Heart Chakra & Violence in Movies Empty The Heart Chakra & Violence in Movies

Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:52 pm
I never thought of this. I have noticed over the years that I get more and more sensitive to violence in movies. I don't watch anything like horror or the like, but even in a police movie/series or action or thriller you can have violence. Not necessarily with guns or knives even, but for instance kicking someone over and over when they're on the ground.
I notice I just can't handle seeing and hearing that very well. The hearing seems to be almost worse than the seeing.

Now I was thinking... as your heart opens up more, you also start to feel more at one with other people and basically with All That Is.
Could that be the reason it gets difficult to watch violence? Because on some level you feel are are beginning to feel at one with the character?
I wonder about that, but it does seem to make sense!

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