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Heart Chakra & Back of Heart Chakra Empty Heart Chakra & Back of Heart Chakra

Tue Nov 29, 2022 1:40 pm
I did Diana Cooper's "Awaken the Higher Heart" the other day that takes you through all 33 chambers of the Heart. I recall two green chambers having some residual stuff.
I remember there was nothing in the others and that I was pleasantly surprised to find certain green chambers in order, like the jealousy one. Nothing to resolve there.
Nevertheless I lit the Flame of Love in each one.
I will do that workshop/meditation again in the near future to see if something has changed.

It is interesting that Diana too mentions in her book on Orbs that the back of the Heart can get clogged if you suppress things as this came up in a meditation from someone else too.
When I did a specific meditation by that other person, you went to the chamber in the back of the Heart chakra to clear it as it is where you have 'pity and moan chambers'.
I did that and felt a jolt behind my left shoulder-blade as that part of the Heart was cleared and the back opened up. She said that could/would happen and it was quite the shock, a brief but sharp pain.
I've never had that again, only that first time, which was some 8 yrs ago.

Yet another woman, a coach, has you open your Heart in the front and then go deep into it and open the door at the back.
Then the Light of God/Source/Divine shines through your Heart from back to front which comes with the sound of "Ohm" and the vibration of "I Am".

So this back of the Heart is very important. Peculiar then that you don't see anything mentioned about this in mainstream chakra books? I've never seen it while clearly it's very important. I guesstimate few people know this so they can then not relay it either.
As I've learnt so far there's a helluva lot more to the Heart chakra than most know/teach/say.
Most cannot / don't even explain why some say green is the colour of the Heart, others pink. I've had this explained only once in workshops, at Elohim Centre in Groningen.
And then later by Diana Cooper.

Since there are also Violet Pink chambers in the Heart it would also be possible to have crystals in that colour for the Heart, and white too as the inner 3 chambers are pure white.
Meaning when you get to a 5D level in the Heart chakra it glows pure white.

The following order in colour from outside in are:
Green 10 chambers
Pink 10 chambers
Violet Pink 10 chambers
Pure White 3 chambers

Each chamber stands for a different Heart related aspect and goes from the lower ones like greed, jealousy, withdrawal ets. to self-love, love of animals, love of others, unconditional love.
So the levels go up and up and up, with each chamber representing a different aspect, 33 total.

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