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The Sacral Chakra Empty The Sacral Chakra

Fri Dec 24, 2021 3:40 pm
The Sacral chakra is where we engage the Law of Attraction.
It's the seat of your life force, your life energy, your feeling good about you -including physically-, and from where we are or should be able to authentically express ourselves. It's also very important in relationships, which is logical as all the mentioned aspects affect relationships and the dynamic in them.
There is a connection between the Sacral and the Heart chakra, also with the Throat as this is the verbal expression chakra. But the Sacral is the key to opening the Heart to yourself, your power, your beauty, who you are.
The Self love cannot be felt of course without all the things mentioned about the Sacral! And when you (can) open your Heart to yourself you can also (come to) love other people and things.

I'm beginning to understand more and more why I've had such a problem sorting out my Sacral for years!
Because there is so much to learn about the chakras I've signed up for the free course of 4 sessions that starts in January. Offered by the woman who wrote the book "Unblocked" (on tapping & chakras).

I'm going to be busy in January with this free course and also starting my 7 week course on the Vagus Nerve! And I haven't even finished work with the book "Unblocked". I will just give that a rest in January Happy
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