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3 great movies for this time! Empty 3 great movies for this time!

Tue Feb 16, 2021 5:31 pm
A few movies that resonate exactly with what's going on in the world right now. And these movies aren't made recently, but the deeper message of them for mankind is very applicable right now.
I wouldn't have thought of it if they weren't mentioned by a couple of well-known inspirational speakers and teacher, Joe Dispenza among them.
The movies are:
The Matrix and Avatar, and I add The Celestine Prophecy to that.
The Matrix movies show how we are spoonfed a total illusion by a greater power, and also that the masses simply accepts this to be reality and isn't ready to awaken yet. If memory serves, Morpheus even uses those exact words: not ready to be awakened. The masses are still too stuck in the matrix, too afraid etc, and thus they feed that matrix, like they are used as batteries in the movie. The metaphor of all this and our societies now and what's going on, -and actually always has been going on- is astounding!
A smaller group is awakened and they have to do whatever they can to save mankind and even help us survive. They fight for man to be freed from the overwhelming power and illusion.
How fitting is that?

There is a movie of The Celestine Prophecy, and it does explain what it's about, but if it's still a new concept, the book does a better job. The movie could've done with an extra half hour so there'd be more to to get into depth. Still, it's very much worth the watch!
It shows how things really work and what is truly important, how all is connected by energy. You see how we can live, and are meant to live, and interact with each other and our Mother Earth.
Like the Matrix, this movie also show how the ones in power are trying to destroy it and stop it.
Again, very much what we see happening in our world now.

And Avatar, well... I think everyone will know those, if not, go see them! Its message is pretty much a combination of the Matrix and The Celestine Prophecy.

I had seen all these movies before, but never really got the deeper message back then.
The good news is... in all 3 movies the good, the Light, wins. Now if that ain't a beautiful message!

Let love rule, and spread the Light!! ESPECIALLY now!
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