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Awakening the Higher Heart  Empty Awakening the Higher Heart

Thu Nov 24, 2022 4:18 pm
Diana Cooper has been doing chakra activation webinars which she started around this time last year. She began with the Earth Star, then working her way up. Sometimes there was a longer period of time before the next one came out.

I'd been doing them all until we got to the Heart. Somehow it didn't resonate and I didn't feel like it.
Cannot remember if maybe something was going on for me at the time.
But a few days ago I suddenly did feel like it, so I ordered the recording, "Awakening the Higher Heart" and it was brill!

In her chakra meditations she takes you through every chamber of the resp. chakra, each chamber being about another aspect of that chakra, giving you the chance to clear it if need be.
For the Heart that means going through all 33 chambers, starting with the outer green ones, then pink, then going to violet pink, and the last 3 are white. From there you travel to the Cosmic Heart after you call in Asc. Master Jesus and AA Chamuel.
So this is not just the Heart, but also the Higher Heart.

It was great and I cleared a lot, mostly out of a few green chambers. I'm glad that I did this meditation/visualisation!

She said that many Lightworkers have done a lot on the Heart chakra already, but sometimes there is still residual stuff that's overlooked or left behind that can hinder you.
I have her book on Orbs (not in print anymore but I got it 2nd hand) in which she mentions all the chambers and what they're about for each chakra. So if during a meditation I find a chamber with a lot of stuff I can look up what that was about afterwards.

Awakening the Higher Heart  1f496  Awakening the Higher Heart  1f496 Awakening the Higher Heart  1f496  Awakening the Higher Heart  1f496 Awakening the Higher Heart  1f496  Awakening the Higher Heart  1f496

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