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Starseeds & Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows Empty Starseeds & Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows

Wed Nov 23, 2022 11:34 am
How to know what type you are...
I don't think there's one surefire way to know which starseed you are. But reading about the typical traits and signs of each one can be helpful.
What makes it difficult is that there is a bit of an overlap in qualities between the starseeds, for instance a deep need for freedom can be found among a few of them. Feeling homesick as well, although for some starseeds it is different. And there's more than 1 that has a strong affinity with water. Mintakans are one, cannot recall the other but there's at least one more.
That can make it tricky, but reading about them on a good website can help a lot. Reading and feeling intuitively at the same time. Not letting your ego guide you to one type.

I think I'm an Andromedan but intuitively feel very drawn to Lyra (not necessary Vega).
Now that could make sense as a lot of Lyrans fled to Andromeda when there was a war so many Lyrans ended up in Andromeda.

You can do the same with Indigo, Crystals, Rainbow children/adults.
Indigo aren't really born anymore. They were born mostly in the mid 20th century until the 70s-80s. Then the Crystals came in, and after that -now- the Rainbows.
Of course there's an overlap. Not like there's a set date and time that one type stops and the new one comes in in droves. First one type peters out, at the same time the next type begins to come in bit by bit.
I've read that Indigos that had evolved on Soul level and/or had fulfilled their Indigo purpose could shift into Crystals, if that was in accordance with their Soul path of course.
Intuitively it feels to me that there are so called hybrids that are a bit of Indigo and a bit of Crystal in one. It would make sense to bridge the change from Indigo to Crystal.

Again, read a lot about it and feel for resonance. That's the best way to get more clarity.

I posted a link to a page with good info in my other post on this which you find here: STARSEED TYPES


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