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5D Soul Star Chakra  Empty 5D Soul Star Chakra

Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:34 pm
Of late I'm doing a lot of visualisations by Tim Whild (you can find him on YouTube) and he's done a 5th D chakra series. What he said about the Soul Star intrigued me! Now I've always been interested in this chakra due to it's magenta colour but I'm learning so many new things now about the Soul Star.

First of all, it has 33 chambers and you have to work through everything each chamber stands for in order to cleanse and fully activate it. The first chamber is self-love, then love of your parents, loving animals, loving siblings and close family, and so on and so forth.

The Soul Star is very sensitive to negative energies, including negative thinking. It immediately gets affected by that. It is also the chakra where ancestral and familial things are held. you know, the patterns and negative things that are passed on -often subconsciously- from generation on generation.
It is important to deal with all this as the Soul Star also hold all your gifts and talents from this life and past, in this dimension and others. To get access to it again, it is necessary that this chakra is cleansed and kept clean.
If not, it cannot draw in light either from your Monad and this light is otherwise spread through your system, all the way to the Earthstar chakra and the Stellar Gateway.

The chakra has a lower and higher part. AA Zadkiel and AA Amethyst help to get this lower part -and the 1st chamber- ready. They help purify it from negative and old energies.
The lower part has been activated when everyone and everything on the planet moved into 4D.
In 2014 the higher part got into the next phase of activation. This is when AA Mariel and his Twin Flame Lavender come in.
Mariel brings in masculine energy and together with Mother Mary he holds the Magenta Flame. AA Lavender brings in the Divine Feminine wisdom. Logical if you know that in the Soul Star your masculine and feminine energies get balanced. Apart from that it is the place of the Divine Feminine.

As it is, I'm kind of intrigued by this chakra. Mostly because I'm so wanting to find my way in life, my Soul purpose, and manifest this! And when this chakra is quite cleansed this becomes possible or easier.

I think my 'note to self' for tomorrow is to go through the list of the 33 chambers Big Grin
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