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The importance of grounding and the Heart Empty The importance of grounding and the Heart

Wed Dec 09, 2020 7:24 pm
I learnt something today that is quite logical but I never would've thought about it: If you're stuck in a loop of negative thinking you aren't grounded.
Quite the eye-opener!
If you are grounded you can have a negative thought come up of course but you won't get in a loop and get stuck in it. You'll be able to flow it off and out of your system.

Being grounded is also very important to the heart, also when you have heart issues. The heart is like the director of the whole show, the "whole show" being your body and energy system.
Meaning that if your heart cannot work right because you aren't grounded, everything else will get out of whack too. Think of an orchestra (= the body & energy system) without its conductor (= the heart). It's one horrible mess of sounds without any rhythm and harmony.

So... knowing this now make sure you are grounded!
If you find yourself stuck in negative thinking... get grounded!
If you have trouble with the heart... get grounded. This goes for both physical as energetic issues to do with the heart which includes love, self-love etc.

Also, when the heart is balanced it will create a wonderful coherence with the brain. The brain will then in turn also become more coherent, balanced, and it will boost your health by producing more of the happy hormones as opposed to stress hormones.

Being grounded contributes to all of that!! Isn't that amazing!
This is a very abridged version of how the whole thing works. But it's clear enough and in language that everyone can understand which I find important.

Now get grounded! And remember, there are many ways to do that. Not only meditation, but also meridian points like the stomach points on the cheekbones that you can simply tap with your fingers. And loads of other grounding things. If you're not so familiar with it, do a Google search and find a way that resonates with you!

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