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Crystal Mining & Impact on Nature Empty Crystal Mining & Impact on Nature

Thu Nov 17, 2022 11:47 am
It came up in another thread and I felt it was worth its own thread:
Ethically mined crystal and the environmental impact of crystal mining.

I just read a bit online about this as I wanted to know more and that impact goes quite far.
The landscape gets trashed, trees cut down etc., in order to get to the crystals. This can endanger species, especially in places like Madagascar where many crystals are mined these days. Madagascar has a unique animal life. When they start mining somewhere many flock to that place to have work.

There is a high risk of malaria because water gets in pits and is stagnant, attracting mosquitos. So it's a serious health risk.

People often work and live under appalling circumstances at these mines. One can probably wonder if companies makes sure they're safely supported.
Since most are in poor countries I guesstimate not.

Locals from the Shangani people in Africa mine Shangaan amethyst. But the chief of the Shangani has ordered that for each tree that gets cut down for mining 5 have to be replanted. And every hole that's dug has to be filled up again.

These days I sometimes see a seller mention "ethically mined crystal".
I wondered what that meant. It only means the workers are paid a fair wage and treated properly. So 'ethically mined crystals' does NOT mean the environment is taken care of.

I have been thinking about the other impact as well: the size of crystals that is removed is insane. And then the amount of these large crystals... Wouldn't that have an impact of stability of the ground?
Like when you remove gas or oil, it eventually makes the whole area unstable.
Many crystals are taller than the average person. It seems logical to me that all these many crystals also act as support.

Some say that crystals are found because they want to help us and as such wish to be found.
But is that true or just another fairy-tale, a ruse, so we keep buying without guilt and they keep selling and making millions?
Maybe it is true for some crystals but I somehow doubt it goes for the amount that is taken from Mother Earth.

Usually if something is done the way the ancients did it -like Aboriginals & Indians- it has little impact as they care about the planet and nature. But as soon as white man does the same it becomes large scale, no respect for nature and it does do a lot of damage.

I love my crystals, but I feel all this is something to be aware of. People may have fallen ill, nature has been affected, because of the crystals we want and own.

A link with info on this: Are Crystals Sustainable?

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