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Full Moon January 2022! Empty Full Moon January 2022!

Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:44 pm
Since we only have some 3,5 days to go I think it's safe to say we're already in its energies!

The moon will be full in Cancer on CET Jan 18 at 00:51
(UK and US will be on the 17th of Jan, UK around 23:51 so right before midnight.)

Take your time during this full moon to ponder new ideas, new goals and possibilities that you want to have come into fruition in the time to come.
But also look back so you know which things have become unimportant or non-priorities. Which habits do you want to let go off and which emotions are dealt with?
Which doors do you want to open and which ones do you want to close?
It’d help to write this down, or make it visual even, so you have your own road map for the coming cycle.
Walk the path that you wish to walk. Maybe this takes courage, taking responsibility and inner knowing. But on your right path you will find joy, happiness and success.
Feel, listen to your inner voice. What longing & desire surfaces?
You’re never really off your path but sometimes you need –and always can- adjust and fine-tune by your own choices and decisions.

So shortly before this full moon, take the time to look at these things: what do you wish to take with you, what do you leave behind? What do you have to adjust, what are you going to expand?
When you know, direct your attention to the full moon (when it’s full) and visualise what you want, feel the readiness to take action. That’s how you open the door to your chosen path further and further.

Moon in Cancer makes very sensitive so things can hit you hard(er). Shield yourself a little, keep close to yourself energetically and don’t take words and actions from others too personally.
You may need to take some time to figure out why it hit you so hard. The better you know yourself the easier & faster it will be to simply deflect what doesn’t serve you. This goes hand in hand with you deciding what you allow in and what not.
It can be a good time to find quiet space so you can use your sensitivity to listen to your heart. What heart longing lives there?
The sun in Capricorn shines light on the moon which helps to be decisive and to follow through with the things you want to manifest,

The North Node is also involved with the Moon & Sun and helps you to consciously and intuitively be aware of what your life mission in 2022 is about.
Which possibilities present themselves and what are you going to do with them?
You can use your life-force as a gauge: if it feels good it will give energy. If you feel resistance it likely isn’t the right thing.

As I always say: when it feels light it is right!

Translation: yours truly

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