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Full Moon in Leo February 16th Empty Full Moon in Leo February 16th

Mon Feb 14, 2022 11:59 am
We're smack in the middle of the full moon energies, have been for a few days already!
Moon will be full on the 16th and is in Leo Happy
Full at 17:59 CET so around noon at EST in the US

So far it's a nice moon for me. The only thing I've noticed is old memories surfaces. Not necessarily bad, but just old stuff that has no use for me whatsoever.
I mentioned that when I was talking to my mom and she had the same thing!

And I went to bed 1,5 hrs earlier than normal. I haven't gone to bed that early in yonks, hihi. Meaning I was also up earlier than normal.

If you were still inward focused, in winter mode, then this fire moon in Leo will help to light your inner fire again.
Firepower, enthusiasm, lust for life, can come up on the spot when you’re moved by something.
It can also trigger your lionheart which makes you help others who need it. But be careful to not give away all your energy in one go, as like this time a year can still bring cold of winter, so can your plans and enthusiasm suddenly be met with resistance or stagnation.
Take time to ponder your ideals and get a clear vision before you dive into something.

Now this I find interesting as well:
Venus and Mars are both at 16 degrees Capricorn and this creates passion, creative force, and makes you express your feelings in a lively way. This conjunction lasts 22 days and during attention will go to the balance of the male & female principle.
Action & inward focus, intellect (logic, numbers etc) & feelings (intuition and compassion), conscious & subconscious, these aspects ask for more balance in ourselves and in the world.
Experiment with this the coming 22 days, experience your inner strength and creative power, balance yourself, heal what wants to be healed. Believe in yourself, guide & steer your intention and know that everything is possible.
What will you focus on with your energy?

The Moon & Alphard (in starsign Hydra) are very close together. This star, the heart of the Watersnake, carries a vast creative force, an untamed energy that could bring chaos and violence, but on the other hand side it can bring perseverance to achieve every goal. The better you now which passion drives you, the better you can channel & focus your energy on it, in a constructive way.

So it can be a very fruitful energy, provided you keep your focus and aim for what you want. Remember, if you’re looking for intensity (good or bad!) you will find it.
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