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Archangel Chamuel (Love) and photo of his orb Empty Archangel Chamuel (Love) and photo of his orb

Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:29 pm
I did a Zoom with Diana Cooper on AA Chamuel the other day. It was SO wonderful!
I have felt drawn to this AA before, but then didn't know so much about him. That's the beauty of Diana, she gives in depth info.
During visualisation we visited his etheric retreat above St Louis, then went up with him to the Cosmic Heart from where we connected with the 10D and got showered in Source light when on the ascension throne.

I got showered with sparkling crystals, sparkling rainbow lights (I did not choose my name here for nothing hihi) and I felt I was being restored to my original self.
It was so good and amazing!

We were shown an AA Chamuel orb of the most intense pink when we started the visualisation and I have put that around me a number of times when I go out for a walk.
The result is amazing! Apart from me feeling good, other people also react different, smiles, greeting, and so on. So good to see that they just feel it even when not knowing about it.

I just wanted to share this as we don't often hear of AA Chamuel, if at all, and especially now at this time he's so important! So many are in fear now and if more people can tap into the vibration of AA Chamuel, which is love and the heart chakra on a very high vibration, it will help to change what's going on. It helps to heal, to touch other people in their hearts.

The AA Chamuel orb, taken by Diana Cooper.
In the middle the white, is an angel of love. The intense pink around that is AA Chamuel, the darker pink around the is Mother Mary.
What you can do with it...
Look at it for a few minutes, take it in.
When you got that visualise in it and close your eyes.
Feel what happens when you're in that incredible energy.
Take it in, allow it to work on you and get into your cells.
Enjoy it!
And if you don't feel anything, don't worry, something IS shifting!!

You can also do this when you're going out and just enjoy it! Interactions and reaction will be different, from people but possibly also from animals. That's not why you do it, but great to notice how other people subconsciously sense this high energy!

Archangel Chamuel (Love) and photo of his orb RmxhpmD
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