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Rhodo Calcite & its energy & Goddess Empty Rhodo Calcite & its energy & Goddess

Sun Jul 18, 2021 4:30 pm
Rhodo calcite from Pakistan...
The other day the shop had them on their frontpage and I got an immediate WOW!!!
They had a number of freeforms in the webshop, 1 was gorgeous, but also expensive. Too expensive for what I was willing to spend.
I decided to go over to find one there, preferably a gorgeous but smaller one. I did last Friday after I'd been restless for days. I guess I really needed that crystal & its energy!

In the shop the weirdest thing happened that I'm still a wee bit not okay about, hihi. Wondering, why? I had gone through the entire shop, which is substantial, but hadn't found it. So I asked. They had to think. Then one of the two women, the one I do not vibe with, led me to a few rhodo calcites. Most rough ones and a few hearts. But... not nearly as gorgeous, high vibe, and pink as the ones that had called to me. The reason I'd gone to the shop.
I choose a heart, but wasn't certain, it didn't really make me happy. I was disappointed and wished I'd bought the one from the webshop after all!
Anywho... I walked into the Warehouse -a part in another building they use as shop too as they ran out of space.
Right before me were a helluva lot of the most gorgeous deep pink/salmon rhodo calcite freeforms and hearts! I couldn't believe it? WHY had that woman led me to the other ones?
I think those weren't from Pakistan at all, but Mexico where they've also been found.

Anywho... the crystal... one stood out right away and I knew that was the one! The moment I held it in my hand I felt myself land in my body. The restlessness I'd felt for days just slipped away. Peace, home!
It's a freeform, 10 high x 4cms.

Sitting with it at home, I felt a very gentle, light energy of a woman, not an angel, not an Ascended Master. She had wings, but not an angel regardless, and a very ethereal pink/salmon/gold robe and cape.
I could feel her, see her but who was it? I decided to do a Google search. I was thinking maybe a Greek nymph, Goddess, deity.
I searched on colour. Immediately I found goddesses of spring. That does feel right, but the goddesses didn't really. Nor did their colour. Then... Iris. Greek goddess.

BINGO!! I could feel it click!
And the resonance with me... I'd had NO idea!
She's the Goddess of Rainbows. Long story, but me and rainbows = 100% match. I got them in my aura too.
She's messenger of the gods. What? Both my first AND last name mean "Messenger of the Gods"?!
And being a messenger, communication is one of her qualities. It is also mine! Writing (I'm a published author), (public) speaking, coaching and so on.
Iris has wings, exactly as I'd seen! A winged goddess. So I felt correctly it wasn't an angel Happy
She doesn't have one colour as she like the rainbow. I LOVE that!
I got the Iris card from the Goddess Power deck. The info on that is not nearly as complete as what I found online, but the image has lots of pink, peach, golden yellow. Totally matching the crystal and the type of energy I feel and saw.

I've slept with it under my pillow the last 2 nights. And dang did I sleep like a baby! And boy, do I feel good! I'm back into my heartspace again, which was difficult of late.
I felt myself glowing with gratitude, for no reason, it just was.
Every time I look at the crystal, right in front of me on my desk, I smile. It makes me so happy & joyful!

It's a long story, I know. But I'm hoping my joy touches others, and also for other crystal lovers to know that there is SO much more to crystals than what you read in a book. Especially when you got high vibrational crystals, mostly the newer finds.
And apparently the crystals from Pakistan are very powerful and high vibrational. That has to do with the ancient history there which held an awful lot of wisdom long time ago. Crystals were formed long long time ago and crystals hold the energy of the land.
This is also why I'm almost 100% that first they showed me rhodo calcite from Mexico, not Pakistan.

Anywho, I got mine! And VERY happy with it.
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Rhodo Calcite & its energy & Goddess Rodo-calciet-1-7-8300..-350x233 Rhodo Calcite & its energy & Goddess Rhodo-calciet-6-4.-350x233
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