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Eden Energy Medicine Empty Eden Energy Medicine

Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:29 pm
3 Years back I discovered Eden Energy Medicine by accident. It is a method that is created by Donna Eden who can see energies. She created and used it to heal herself from serious illness. Doctors couldn't help her and told her she wouldn't get old. Now she's in her 70s and still going unbelievably strong!
The method works with meridians, pressure points, neurovascular points, neurolymphathic points etc etc.
If you want to learn the whole thing thoroughly you have to take classes, but you can also do what I do: find her free material on YouTube!
And sometimes they even do free workshops, although not often.
Some stuff she does together with her husband who's into psychology and tapping.

Anywho, I started using the DER -Daily Energy Routine- and those first days I was without ANY pain for the first time in some 24 years!!! Amazing!
Unfortunately it came back which shows that my underlying issues haven't been dealt with yet, which touches upon the terrain of Louise Hay I guess, and Inna Segal.

BUT... what was important to me about having 4 pain free days was that I knew it was possible!!! I can heal, I can be pain-free, and I can get joy of my body!
That experience and knowledge is very important to me.
I still regularly do the DER but not daily...

You can find it on YouTube, I cannot post links yet. You can also look up Prune Harris who also can see energies and she offers the same method, the Eden Energy Medicine method. Much of her work you can find on YouTube as well. And she too does free stuff regularly.
I totally LOVE her energy!! Such a wonderful woman.
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