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Rough Cobalt Calcite  Empty Rough Cobalt Calcite

Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:56 am
I bought The most beautiful piece of cobalt calcite!
I hadn't planned for it, don't check the shop much anymore as I've spent so much on crystals of late.
But the other day I already felt something calling me. There was nothing there yet, which was congruent with the fact that the calling was faint.
Then last night I checked and voila... cobalt calcite. I knew right away. A number of beautiful pieces but one truly stood out as it has somewhat larger sticking-out-bits of cobalt calcite while the others were more flat. Not sure what to call those, they're not really points. More like what a cluster of fluorite can look like maybe?
This one also had the pink cobalt continuing around to the back. The colour was beautiful. I bought it.

I did compare with a few other shops, seems to be a somewhat more expensive crystal variety. And I didn't find another piece as gorgeous as this one.
I hope it arrives tomorrow!

Until recently I had not heard of cobalt calcite and when I was told about it I checked it out, but there were other crystal at the time that I needed more.
It works on the heart, unconditional love, connected to the Pink flame that is connected to Isis, Mary, Quan Yin and other female goddesses & Ascended Masters.
It helps to find your purpose in life, like most crystals I've bought of late, and makes you take action towards it but at your own pace so not forced before you're ready.
It mostly works on the emotional body and emotions and can heal those.

Very short description, if interested find more online! There are tumbled versions of this, some not so good quality from what I've seen on Etsy but there are also tumbles of better quality that have a lot of pink. I've seen these on the shop's site that also sells these beautiful rough ones.

This is not mine, but I like to include an example as the colour of cobalt calcite is exquisitely different Happy

Rough Cobalt Calcite  Kobaltcalciet-19-6-5300-1-350x350

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Posts : 317
Join date : 2020-11-05
Age : 58

Rough Cobalt Calcite  Empty Re: Rough Cobalt Calcite

Fri Jun 24, 2022 10:55 pm
It has arrived! It makes me smile! It is so pretty, the colour beautiful, and the energy very sweet and feminine and joyful.
When I held it and closed my eyes I felt my Crown being activated and a huge spiral of energy moving up into the Cosmos. At the same time it was a cleansing or balancing or something like that of the Crown. Enable it to open up further.
Then the tingling moved to the back a bit, just behind the crown of the head, and suddenly I realised I felt pressure on the bridge of my nose?? That didn't go until I put the crystal down.
I also felt things happening in the diaphragm area and my kidneys.
All the while my Heart was open, that was very easy & went by itself. I always move back & forth a tad when my Heart is open and since I work with opening the Heart a lot of late that comes quite easy now.

In any case, I'm very happy with it and will sit with it some more!
I was curious about entering the crystal, but that didn't feel like the right moment. For some reason.
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