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The 5-5-5 Portal Empty The 5-5-5 Portal

Wed May 05, 2021 8:10 pm
I thought of it earlier but didn't dive into it.
Then my daughter said she's tired today, reminding me that I've also been tired for the past 2-3 days. And oddly hungry, craving things with high fat levels like cream cheese and bonbons filled with whipped cream.

So I searched the net, and found a little info. There is indeed a portal today. Here is a link to Angel Number 555 which is very relevant and a piece of text by Celia Fenn of this portal.

This week we transit the 5/5/5 Portal...and the New Earth rises.
This is a major portal of consciousness, and a point of pivot and change.
We are realising that until we can reconnect with nature and the "Green World" we will never thrive and live in true abundance.
Humans were designed to be part of a complex system of abundance and joy that includes multiple layers of multi-dimensional life forms. When we lose nature we lose the devas and the elementals and the fairies and their powerful creative energies. We lose a part of our own creative energies and have to rely on the artificial "fake" grid of the economic system in order to survive.
It is time to recreate the Green World and work with the powerful creation codes contained in the Diamond Emerald Light.
Have a beautiful and powerful week everyone!
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