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Celia Fenn - 12-12 Consciousness Portal & Comet Leonard Empty Celia Fenn - 12-12 Consciousness Portal & Comet Leonard

Sun Dec 12, 2021 1:14 pm
This is the energy report on the 12-12 Consciousness Portal by Celia Fenn.
She briefly addresses Comet Leonard that passes Earth at its closest point today.

10th December 2021
Just 2 days out from the 12/12 Consciousness Portal.
Another Sacred milestone as we transit towards the culmination of this Arc of Transformation at the December Solstice on the 21st December.
The energies seem calmer now, but I feel things will pick up over the week end.
The 12/12 is all about Love, Abundance and shifting perspective to a higher level of awareness.
Right now, this means shifting our self awareness to a place where we can find inner peace and calm and experience the abundance that is our birthright.
So, in the next two days, allow yourself to sink deep within and find that Inner Sanctuary and Inner Sacred Space that will embrace you in Divine Love and Joy.

It is also interesting that Comet Leonard is due to make it closest pass to Earth on the 12th:
"Comet Leonard (C/2021 A3) is approaching Earth for a close encounter (35 million km away) on Dec. 12th. Since Monday the comet has nearly tripled in brightness, now magnitude +5, "

A Comet will always amplify energies, and our ancestors believed that Comets were signs of great change in the near future.
Whatever it means, we are moving at warp speed towards the Galactic transit (19th December) and the Solstice (21st December) and then into 2022 and further manifestations of the New Earth timeline.
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