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3-3-2021 portal - Celia Fenn Empty 3-3-2021 portal - Celia Fenn

Wed Mar 03, 2021 4:27 pm
I don't usually follow portal days, but today is really wonderful, and the 3-3 date did stand out to me too.

Here's the text, by Celia Fenn:
3/3 Portal and Divine Feminine Grace : 3rd March
Today is the 3rd of March, the 3/3 Portal.
Following on the Virgo Full Moon, the 3/3 portal is all about the energy of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine.
It is the energy of the Goddess in Nature and Abundance through Nature, perhaps a fitting energy for this time as the seasons begin to change.
This powerful Feminine energy made me think how we are all healing the Divine Feminine within. As the Age of Pisces unfolded two thousand years ago, bringing the Seeds of the Christ Light to Earth, the Divine Feminine was lost and replaced with a distorted and artificial masculine energy that suppressed and enslaved the feminine. So many generations of women have suffered under this, and so many are healing wounds so that they can return to their true power as women. And so that men can own their inner Divine Feminine without feeling disempowered.
Now is the time to reconnect with the flow of Blessings and Abundance that comes to us when we reconnect with Nature and with the Great Mother and with the true Christ Light.
We need to remember where we originated, in the Garden of Nature, as children of the Divine Mother.
When we connect to her we discover that she is the source of All Abundance. When we lose that connection, we fall into a feeling of lack and scarcity and fear. When we reconnect we feel that Abundance is part of Who we Are, not something outside of us that we need to search for.
Have a Blessed 3/3 everyone!

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