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11-11-2020 Portal is coming up fast! Empty 11-11-2020 Portal is coming up fast!

Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:24 pm
The annual 11-11 portal is approaching real fast. It seems amazingly difficult to find info on it that resonates.
I have a beautiful piece from Diana Cooper's newsletter about it. If I come across more info I will add it here.

This month is all about tuning to the higher heart of humanity and spreading love.
In these turbulent times troubled waters are soothed by love.  
Change is eased by love.  
Transition flows more easily when you are supported by love.  
An important date this month is 11.11.2020.  11.11 is about preparing for a level higher, while 22 helps you to start working towards your vision and to build on a solid foundation. This is a huge opportunity to be ready for the big changes in December.

Normally this portal is rather sweet for me. I hope it will be again this year!
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11-11-2020 Portal is coming up fast! Empty Re: 11-11-2020 Portal is coming up fast!

Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:38 pm
A bit more on the 11-11 portal.

We are currently in the in between period of 1-11 to 11-11. Energy this portal energies flows in that is aimed to enhance your inner light. This can feel as a powerful energy flow that searches deep in your body for more space to flow.
Energy centres in your body, the chakras, are being opened further these days. Strong feelings and desires can be stirred up. This is not about the urges of the ego but the longings that come from deep within your being. Longings that come from inner light power and are an indicators for your soul path.

Light can also bring old fears, vulnerabilities, pain, loneliness, sadness, into your consciousness. Possibly by being triggered by situation or people. These are energies that got connected to these deep longings by experiences in past lives, and now diminish your light power.
Het light in this portal is meant to make you feel where you still carry energies with you that aren't in alignment with your inner source. That way you can work through these energies, transform them and let them go.

So this means that the portal could feel difficult, or not. It will vary for everyone -as always- depending on what you still need to clear.

Happy portal time! Since it's only 3 days away now, we're already in the build-up.
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