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Lion's Gate Energies 8-8-2022 Empty Lion's Gate Energies 8-8-2022

Fri Jul 29, 2022 10:00 am
After the Day Out of Time on the 25th we entered in the energies of the opening Lions Gate on the 26th.
The Lions Gate will have its peak at 8-8 then will take another 1-2 weeks to peter out.

I am noticing energy shifts for sure! The last couple of years the Lions Gate energies have been good to me, the years before that it was awful.
So far what I'm noticing is me becoming more empowered, standing tall, not taking cr@p from people, standing my ground. I convey this is a very clear way, transparent, but still calm and polite.
Now I've been getting there more and more over the last few years but it seems to suddenly have blossomed fully right now. As if it needed one last push to be 'born' and this portal was that push?

As for the rest things are flowing nicely. When we first shifted from Cancer into Leo that wasn't the case. Celia Fenn wrote about that too, things not working out anymore after sweet gentle Cancer.
I experienced the same thing, stagnating, it didn't feel so nice, things didn't work out. But that seems to have ironed itself out now.

Oh, what I am also noticing the last couple of weeks... I seem to need a little less sleep? I normally need 8,5 - 9 hours sleep. Always been that way. Now I sometimes wake up half an hour to an hour earlier. If I then get up I feel fine?
It used to be that if I got up earlier I felt horrible all day long, it easily triggered my vertigo, joint pain etc. etc.

Anywho, so far so good!
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