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Full Moon Virgo March 18th 2022 Empty Full Moon Virgo March 18th 2022

Tue Mar 15, 2022 11:27 am
Full Moon in Virgo is coming up, we're already in the energies of it!
CET full moon is at 8.20
UK full moon is at 7.20 AM
EST full moon is around 2.20 AM

The full moon in Virgo brings in longing for order, health, perfection, and that can cause you to be very critical (both to others and yourself). Because you want to do it so well, want to make yourself useful and be helpful, you also have to be aware of the urge to want to have everything under control.
Choose to do something fun every now and then instead of an obligation! Make sure you also recharge yourself, not just the people in your environment.
Under the Virgo moon you’re striving for purity and you want everything to go spotless. Because the world isn’t perfect, and people aren’t either, this can get you disappointed. Be mild and create moments of rest to connect with the greater good or higher purpose. This will help to bring the daily worries and imperfections in perspective.

The black moon and the moon aren’t harmonious which can make you experience that you’re helping others or are trying to save them and you get no validation for it. The challenge is to state what you (emotionally) need. So self-care is important under the full Snow moon.

Happy Full Moon!
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