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Full Moon Capricorn July 13th 2022 Empty Full Moon Capricorn July 13th 2022

Fri Jul 08, 2022 11:36 am
Full Super moon Capricorn July 13
Full at 20:38 CET
6 hrs earlier EDT

This moon still has a lot to do with the peak of light. This period of light and warmth invites you to consciously and actively focus on the outside world and to enjoy life outdoors.
In nature the growth of many crops and plants has reached its peak and now it’s about maturing, ripening.
The same goes for you: look at what has grown in you the last couple of months and what is developing?
Also determine what you wish to give more light: which part of you may be seen more clearly?
Light gives energy, so use that to clearly & actively show yourself or a project in the outside world.

This full moon is close to Earth, so it’s a super moon. Full moon in Capricorn makes reliable and responsible, but also says to not take on too much (from others especially). --> Everyone has to be responsible and accountable for their own choices and things. If you would take that on your shoulders you could even take away someone’s life lesson as they have to learn it themselves.
Try to feel what you need and what you experience to be an obligation.
Pausing and being aware of your feelings can be difficult with this moon, but it is necessary to make the choices that you fully support and that energise you.

SOURCE: Petra Stam
Translated by yours truly

Happy Full Moon!

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