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Lion's Gate 8-8-2021 - Tomorrow! Empty Lion's Gate 8-8-2021 - Tomorrow!

Sat Aug 07, 2021 11:37 am
I posted about it a while ago and now the Lion's Gate is really upon us! Tomorrow is the peak day.

It's been good for me for sure! I'm enjoying the high energy light that's coming in from Sirius and Orion Happy
I had 2 days where I felt this misty blanket come down over me, mostly my brain. But I managed to get out of it by using the energy tools I've got and the knowledge I have.
Meaning focusing myself out of it and using energy work (meridians etc) and it worked. The power of focusing is enormous! Now it did help that my body didn't go noodle doodle like it sometimes does shortly before full moon. I have as of yet found no way to change that.

It's supposed to bring quite the shift in people, for instance stepping in the direction of your Soul calling and in order for that maybe leaving something else behind.
I read just that from a friend yesterday. She'd already started something new but now decided to stop another activity so she can focus 100% on the new. Following her Soul calling.

I felt the same a while back. Suddenly making vids for my channel didn't fulfil me anymore. I'd been wondering for a while if maybe it wasn't the idea as it didn't grow anymore. Less and less viewers per video. I continued for nearly 2 years in spite of that, but suddenly I'd had enough.
I only want to do what is truly appreciated. That's the receiving for me freely giving, and how it's supposed to be: a reciprocal cycle of give and receive. That had gone.
I haven't done any vid or reading for a month now I think. It feels good!
Time for something new!

That's what I was thinking about when I read my friend's story yesterday.
It IS time to step on the path of your Soul calling!
And I believe that should flow with ease and joy. Your Soul path isn't a struggle!

Happy Lion's Gate!
Happy new!!

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