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Day Out of Time, Lion's Gate, Full Moon Empty Day Out of Time, Lion's Gate, Full Moon

Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:51 pm
We got a number of big things coming up energetically!!

24 July - Full Moon in Aquarius The energies of this moon are already building up as it's only a few days away. Full moon is around 4 in the morning CET, meaning EDT will be around 10pm on the 23rd.

25 July - Day Outside of Time The beginning of the new year. Because of the 13 moon calendar there's 1 day left over, which is this day. It keeps the lunar and solar calendars in sync.
There's much more to it though, and you can read all about it and the energy meaning here:

8 August - the Lion's Gate portal, the biggest portal of the year.
Its build-up can usually be felt from the Day Outside of Time, but this year we get stronger/more high energies coming in and it already started building up at the Summer Solstice.
Starting at the Day Outside of Time, Sirius will rise with the sun. Our Sun is more the physical sun, Sirius is more the spiritual sun. So its energy & light touches upon entirely different things, allowing you to develop and grow spiritually.
Some years the Lion's Gate energies can have an immense impact, from feeling tired, brainfog, no energy etc. but other years it feels fine.
I take it this depends on how far you've come already with what's playing in the incoming energies.
After the 8th the portal slowly closes, which takes until approx. mid-August.

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