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Dealing with tough situations in life Empty Dealing with tough situations in life

Sat Feb 27, 2021 7:26 pm
Today a large envelop from council came in the mail. I'm in official disagreement with them over something, which has caused me lots of stress so far.

I had this immediate sinking feeling as I had been fearing this for quite some time, and with the passing of each week it gets stronger. I mean, at some point it IS going to come.
I put it on the dining table, deciding not to open it yet. After all it's the weekend, sod them to always dump that chit on you when you cannot call them about it!
To distract myself, and to calm down, I continued with the webinar of Tara Brach I'd been watching. It helped, but the envelop kept nagging me. When I was as calm as I would get, I thought, "It can also be something entirely different! And then I've stressed about it all weekend, for nothing."
So I opened it.
And... it was something else entirely. Nothing bad, just notification of something.
I was happy I had made that decision.
At the moment I'm going through dealing with stress and fear differently, with the help of these Tara Brach webinars on YouTube, and simply facing difficulties instead of having a major knee-jerk reaction is important. Also thinking about WHY I react that way, what's going on, what's behind it, what the stress does to me etc. etc.
I have to say, it does help. Not that it's resolved in one go, but it's a nice start!

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