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AA Haniel - Divine Feminine, Joy, Moon, Venus Empty AA Haniel - Divine Feminine, Joy, Moon, Venus

Fri Feb 26, 2021 6:16 pm
I drew the AA Haniel card  for myself for now/today.
Reading in the booklet, and a little further investigating online, told me so much about this AA that I always felt drawn too but know so little about.

First of all, she's the Angel of the Moon. And especially easy to call on around and during Full Moon, which at the time of writing is NOW! She can help if you experience trouble from the full moon energies.
That was a BINGO! for me for drawing it now, and also why I'm sharing it as I know many sensitive people have problems around this time.

But there is more that I like to share.
She is also the Angel of Joy. So you can also call on her to help open your heart for joy and happiness.

Haniel is connected to Venus, which is the Cosmic Heart, and thus she is also about the Divine Feminine. And since Venus is about love, she's also about romance and love. A Romance angel Happy
Maybe you know, maybe not, but the nr 13 is related to the Divine Feminine as there are 13 full moons and moon is feminine energy. And Friday is related to Venus.
Thus... AA Haniel is powerful on Friday the 13th! WOW!

Lastly, she's connected to the realm of Fae, all Fae, including Dragon Fae, but all other Fae too.

All this really hit home for me as I have strong affinity with all these things!
The Fae, Divine Feminine & Masculine to the point of giving courses in that to women, Joy is my Soul essence, etc etc.
I was born on Friday the 13th even!

No wonder I 've always felt so drawn to her. First I ever heard of her -thinking it was a him, haha- was when I saw the name Haniel on a bottle of Lightbeing Essence. I had no idea who this AA was, but I did know I needed that essence!

In any case, I'm happy to share this info on this beautiful Archangel!
And I LOVE getting to know this Archangel more.
Call on her for sure if a full moon bothers you!

PS, the colour is not as bright as the picture. I guess the camera's interpretation is a little off, which happens more often with certain colours.

AA Haniel - Divine Feminine, Joy, Moon, Venus Rv1noMj
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