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Why knowing your Venus Sign is Important! -incl free calculator Empty Why knowing your Venus Sign is Important! -incl free calculator

Tue May 18, 2021 2:55 pm
Reading up on your Venus sign can be SO insightful!! Especially if you experience things in your love life that seem to happen again and again and you don't understand.

I'll give you an example to clarify how that can pan out and how important it can be to have insight in this!
Until a few years back I didn't know much about my Venus sign, in the sense that I wasn't aware how much of an influence it has!
I am a Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Meaning I am very feminine, and that's correct.
My Venus is in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. Meaning pure, raw MASCULINE energy!
See how there's a 'clash'?
Now I never experience it as a clash, it's how I am and function so I never gave it any thought.
Until I had a partner who felt intimidated by me when it came to the intimate aspects of our relationship. He said I killed the spark he felt so it never had the chance to grow out into something bigger, and in that sense he held me responsible for our non-existing sexlife. He wasn't gentle, but he was a narcissist, what can one expect...
Anywho... my next partner was a Leo and absolutely masculine, which what I loved so much about him as that allowed me to be utterly feminine. Which if you remember is my Sun Sign's energy: Taurus ---> Venus ---> feminine energy.
But then... when things got more spicy he also felt intimidated and a little awkward even and I could just tell it had an impact on our intimate life.

That's when I started to think about Venus in Aries. And I realised that men likely tend to fall in love with my Taurus Venus Feminine me while when getting intimate I turn into this flirty femme fatale that is more ruled by Aries Mars = masculine energy.

Clearly not all men can handle this 'shift' that to me is natural and reading about Venus in Aries I totally understood and recognised what had happened to these partners.
The first one I mentioned had his Venus in Pisces, so understandable his spark needed more time and yes, I likely trampled all over it with my Venus Aries, hihi.
Nothing to feel guilty about, it was just a total mismatch when it comes to intimacy.
The other one, the masculine Leo, had his Venus in gentle loving soft Libra. A quite similar scenario as with the first one!
Clearly the fact that his sun sign iss totally masculine, and he was, doesn't rule out someone's Venus energy!!

Then I thought, "I never had this issue with my ex hubby?!"
I looked up his Venus and TAADAAA: it was in masculine Leo!
He was a Sun Cancer, so very sensitive, and whatnot, but he wasn't intimated by my powerful femme fatale at all. Not in the slightest! If nothing else, he seemed to enjoy it tremendously!

So in matters of love, intimacy etc. knowing the ins and outs of your Venus sign can be very helpful in understanding your behaviour as well as a partner's. If you have a partner it's great to look up theirs too!

Here's the link, if you scroll down you see a table with the various Venus Signs

To calculate your Venus sign you can go here:

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