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Amazing Effect of Feminine Communication! Empty Amazing Effect of Feminine Communication!

Sat Jan 21, 2023 11:50 am
Feminine communication is so wonderful and can change any type of relationship for the better. It feels good as it is a far more relaxed way of expressing yourself. Yet, it can be a bit scary at first as it means you are open and thus can make you feel vulnerable like anything new & out of your comfort-zone does.

It is better to not wait too long to express how you really feel. So you do that way before you reach the boiling point about an issue and then explode as opposed to calmly conveying something.
Often we don't express how we feel and what we want at all as we haven't been raised to do that, plus -possibly because of how we've been raised- most of us feel awkward and not confident enough to do so.
So we wait and wait and wait until we cannot hold it back any longer.

Feminine communication is best, not just for women, also for men. This can be quite scary & make you nervous, even with people you feel comfortable with, as it means being open & thus vulnerable.
Life has taught us to never be vulnerable, to always have walls & shields up to protect ourselves, but in actual fact our true strength lies in being open, transparent and vulnerable! Certainly for women as then our innate intuition can do its work! Our intuition is our true strength, our greatest strength.
And it's logical it works so well as without all these masks & walls others can much easier fathom what we need, what we mean, and so on. Life would be so much easier and comfortable, yet few do this.

When able to express via feminine communication others react much better too. They won't feel personally attacked because... you don't do that with feminine communication! It is about how you feel about something, not how they caused that.
As a result others will shift into another vibration, truly listen and really hear what you say, and thus react differently.

Some will not and those are the ones you may not want in your life or spend as little time as possible with. Nothing wrong with them, but it's an indication that the vibrational gap is too big to overcome and they're too stuck in the old 3D, ego & (subconscious) fear, that they cannot resonate with this higher form of vibration yet.
If you hang out with them nonetheless (often) they will lower your vibration.

Feminine communication comes from inner strength. It's not a mental decision to speak a certain way. As such it takes getting used to. It can even feel awkward to be that 'naked' in conversation, yet it does feel good and shift connections to a totally different plane. The response is amazing.
And it is assertive as it is open, honest, gentle but firm, calm and respectful, both to yourself and the other. It's the healthy assertive, not the more aggressive version.

It is anything like:
-I don't like...
-I don't want...
-I don't feel XYZ... (good, comfortable, happy etc.)
-It feels XYZ to me... (awkward, icky, scary, etc. etc.)
-I feel... XYZ (whatever you genuinely feel, good or bad without accusation)...
-This makes me feel XYZ...

And great to add something like, "How can we sort this?" or "What can we do about it?" to it. Or "I don't know what to do (about it), what do you think?"

"WE" as you then get the other involved and show you are open to their input. It also shows you aren't accusing them, you are merely expressing how YOU feel, then end with asking their help or advise. (if applicable to the situation of course)

Again, it is expressing how you truly feel, deep down. Sometimes you'll even have to think about it yourself as we're so used to hide our true feelings behind smoke & mirrors, even to ourselves!
Even when we say, "Nah, I don't feel like going there" we are NOT expressing how we truly feel. Why don't you like going? What is behind it? Do you simply feel too lazy to dress up? Or is it something deeper like feeling overwhelmed there, jealous, not good enough, or whatever else?
Expressing that deeper feeling is what feminine communication is about! And that's why it can make you feel so vulnerable as you open yourself up, for real this time.

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