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Pluto moving into Aquarius! BIG changes coming! Empty Pluto moving into Aquarius! BIG changes coming!

Wed Mar 08, 2023 12:31 pm
A lot to read, but well worth it! Such important and positive news!

March 23rd 2023 it’s finally going to happen: Pluto is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius for the first time since Dec 1778!
The planet of transformation, life & death & rebirth, cycles, moves into the sign that is all about innovation, equality, uniqueness, freedom, and revolution.
If a planet takes 15-20 years to move through a sign (which Pluto does) it means that a huge collective change is coming. Maybe this can already be seen in the world (in March) as much is going on concerning power & powerless, shadow & light, lie & truth.
Pluto goes to the bottom and leaves no stone unturned.

Pluto moving into Aquarius! BIG changes coming! ZSQHz9Q

Although Pluto is about collective changes, it is also –as always- about examining yourself. What is suppressed will surface, so self-examination and dis-covering what you do not allow yourself to be, do, or live, is a prerequisite (in order to feel free).
If you don’t do this, skip this step, you will end up pointing fingers and regard everything outside of yourself as “the enemy”.
What does your soul want to live? Which love do you give and do you need?
Pluto isn’t just the planet of crisis, fear, death & transformation, but also of love, being true to your soul and becoming aware of your divine being.
After a moment of crisis you often find/retrieve an important (soul) part, move into another direction, but you must let go of something and that hurt.
The better you know and understand yourself, know both your light & your shadow, the swifter you recognise, live through and endure difficult situations.

Take this entire process –maybe read it a 2nd time- and then think of how this would work on a much larger scale as the exact same will (have to) happen globally!
When you put that process as a kind of layer over the world you will see that it then becomes very complex as many people are involved! Just take the part ".... regard everything outside as the enemy" and what that could mean on a global scale!
Nevertheless the same goes on this large scale: what is suppressed and/or kept hidden in the dark will surface. And that can stir up a lot.
The ruling planet of Aquarius –the sign Pluto moves into- is Uranus, so themes of freedom, equality, freedom of choice, living-together, but when these are challenged there can also be revolution and struggle.
Both pros and cons of technology as hidden components within technological innovation will come to light more and more.
Who wants to see will see. We live on a planet of free will, so know you can choose where you direct your attention & energy and what you cover and dis-cover.

Bear in mind this is a long process as Pluto will be in Aquarius for 15-20 years!!
And until somewhere next year, 2024, Pluto will briefly move back into Capricorn twice. So likely the start will be a bit wobbly, like an engine needing time to get warm before it runs smoothly.
Personally I feel this is all great news! When I first read it all I felt was relief and a “FINALLY!!!”


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