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What's Your Power Animal? Empty What's Your Power Animal?

Fri Jan 06, 2023 12:07 pm
As I mentioned elsewhere for me it was Raven. From childhood onward until I was some 40-42 years old. Then I had an intensive session done -much like Soul retrieval or regression- and after that I felt he had gone. A huge void, and I cried.
But whatever he had come to assist me with was done. It was a permanent goodbye.

I've had other animals come through after that but it turned out these were only temporary guides, to help me with what I needed during a phase I was going through then. This varied from golden eagle, to swan to ducks. I seem to have a thing for birds :p

A good 7 years went by without having a real power animal. But all the while deer kept coming through. Not very often so it took some time for me to become aware of it and acknowledge it.
The deer changes age and gender according to what I need in the moment but usually it's a male one with huge antlers. He first came through during a meditation where I met my Inner Golden Child. He was young then as well, like Bambi, and came toward me (my inner child) from the left to gently nudge my left hand.
In retrospect the Deer may have been there, in the background, for decades though. I recall having a drawing/painting of a young dear in soft pastel colours that I had in my bedroom as a child. I loved it but no one knows where it actually came from. Maybe left behind in a house we moved into?
So maybe deer was just waiting for the time where Raven had finished his work and he could step forward?

Phoenix has been with me for some 15 years. He came through when I was making a huge crystal grid for a certain area in the world. A crystalline turquoise Phoenix that helped me to energise the grid and to send healing to that area. It was beautiful to have that happen!
Ever since I can call on him, he's my own personal guardian that I can call on. He's incredibly powerful and become enormous in size!
One day I was doing a dragon workshop and at some point everyone had his/her own dragon beside him/herself. I couldn't connect with mine, all I felt was my Phoenix.
Then the workshop leader said, "Huh, you haven't got a Dragon. You have a Phoenix beside you!!"
I just smiled Happy

But Phoenix is not a power animal. Like Dragons aren't. They are from the Angelic realms.
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