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Full Moon Pisces & many retrogrades Empty Full Moon Pisces & many retrogrades

Thu Sep 08, 2022 12:01 pm
Time does fly, another full moon!
September 10, 11:58 CET
EDT approx. 5.58

Full Moon Pisces & many retrogrades QrJ6mPu

Full moon in Pisces, sun in Virgo, lots of retrogrades incl. Mercury. This all makes for an interesting dynamic! Due to the many retrogrades we'll have to figure many things out for ourselves.
Feel. Intuit.

The text feels very Pisces to me: a bit elusive. So switch on your intuition before you begin to read Happy

Full moon in Pisces makes dreamy and sensitive. Just like the weather you seem to consist of various layers and you can feel that you are part of different worlds. It is easier to connect with other Soul aspects, have spiritual experiences, or to empathise with whatever you tune into. That doesn’t mean you should go along with things. Having boundaries is important.
Ask yourself a question and let the answer come up. Listen to your intuition.

Early in the morning Mercury will go Retrograde. Until October 2 it can be more difficult to use your logic, your common sense. On the other hand your insight and intuition will work better.
Things concerning communication, trade, computers, post, travel, can get disrupted.
For the next 3 weeks try to feel and sense if what you begin and send out is right, clear, and truly desired.

Apart from Mercury going Retrograde, we also have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde. It is as if all planets that deal with the collective and worldly, global affairs are taking a break.
You have to find out for yourself now, feel for yourself, take responsibility and stand up for yourself.
This makes self-examination and knowledge of self so important – Knowing who you are and connecting yourself with your essence will help you make choices you the coming 3 months.

All aspects of the moon with other planets are positive. With this light and harmonious full moon you can recharge and lay out new lines/strategies.
The North Node will help to experience which life goal is important to pursue. Maybe something new, maybe an existing thing you wish to expand. It will become clear what or whom you will feel at home with.

Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo help you be in touch with your soul desires and to manifest those. Try to feel in the moment (feel, not think) what it is you wish and can manifest. Everything is possible.

Source: Petra Stam
Translation: me
Photo: me
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