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Your Sunsign in its House and more Empty Your Sunsign in its House and more

Tue Jul 19, 2022 7:45 pm
With the extreme heat I spent some time reading into astrology online this afternoon.
Now I know a fair bit about astrology, but never got into the houses really. But I found this great site with a really good description of my sign, good explanation and insight.
For the FIRST time ever I can now say, based on that info: yes, I am a Taurus for real!
The default descriptions never did it for me and always made me feel I wasn't a Taurus, even made me question my date of birth, haha.
So happy that after some 3 decades I finally got it laid out properly.

The other good thing: it offers the opportunity to read about your sunsign in its house! I'd never seen that, so I got into it.
And WOWZA! More clarity!
I always thought my intuition etc. was from Moon in Pisces but Taurus in 12th House is also all about spiritual & intuitive development & growth! I had NO idea.
The description of what Taurus in 12th house is like fits me down to a T.

Then I read my Rising, still on the same site.
More recognition! This is the best site I've ever come across for sure.
In the Rising description is a section on what type of partner you need, the one that suits you. And hell, that description is EXACTLY what I am looking for and hoping to find in a man!

And of course read my moon.

Deeply impressed.
Then it said to also look at Jupiter, which sign and House it is in.
I just did that, had to Google as the site didn't offer that. And wowza... again spot on.
It mentions a pitfall for my Jupiter sign & House that I indeed had when younger. But I became aware of it and changed it, so I learnt the lesson. The rest fits me too.

This was so good, so happy with all that I've read!

It was this site I used. You can choose either SUN MOON RISING at the top, don't forget to click your sign for each before reading.
In the section on SUN you will find a link to your Sun in the Houses.

To find out where your planets are in, incl houses, you can use this site. It will also give your Jupiter in case you want that too. (scroll down to the tables when in a hurry)

INFO on your Jupiter you can find here (scroll down to click the right option for you):

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