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Using Sage to Smudge the House Empty Using Sage to Smudge the House

Tue Mar 16, 2021 11:56 pm
Smudging... using white sage...
Generally speaking I'm a firm believer that as we get further on our path, and our energy rises, we don't need external measures to cleanse.
We are now masters in our own right and we can keep ourselves protected and clean with our own energy, from the inside out.
Almost always works for me, but sometimes I have to get the good ole white sage out.
Today was such a day. And what a difference! I started with my own energy fields, then the entire downstairs.
I don't like using sage, not my idea of a nice scent, hihi.
But... it worked!
And it's not a bad thing to have a bit of a spring cleaning in tha house, is it?!
I think I know who caused it and this person has to be here every week. So wait and see how it goes. If I keep having trouble every week... not doable.
But we'll see. For now everything is nice and clean again, and I feel my normal self again as well (it had impacted me tremendously).

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