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Your House and Street Numerology! Empty Your House and Street Numerology!

Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:58 pm
House numerology  is interested Happy I checked that out for my home when I moved in here.
Today I decided to have a look at the numerology of my street, without my house number, just the street.
Jaw-droppingly accurate!
In my street people are very much to themselves, don't open up to neighbours much, many have had bad arguments and ended up fighting which required the police to interfere. Thank goodness that hasn't really happened anymore since I moved in here, plus I live in the last house of the block so I'm not in between all that chit anyway.
It's like if you are friendly with one, someone else is PO about that because they fell out with that person. Meaning they now don't like you either, even though I have nothing to do with it.
There's no friendly neighbourly vibe, although some are on reasonable term with one another.

This is all typical of the 1 street (I applied the interpretation of the 1 house to the street). The street is 55, which is 10, then 1. And EVEN when I check master number 55 it boils down to the same thing.
Of course the positive side of the 1 is not like this. What I'm describing here is the negative side of it.

My house is a 6 house and that too is 100% accurate!
BTW for your house you should make up your own mind whether to incorporate the zipcode -numbers and letters- in this or not. Some say you should, others don't make mention of it.

If you want to check your home, or your street, have fun! It's interesting for sure!
You can use this table to get the numbers, then use either one of the links provided below the image to read the interpretation:

Your House and Street Numerology! Letter-numerology-chart-blue-1024x230


INTERPRETATION 2 for comparison to get more depth
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